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New arenas and stadiums are designed to optimize sight lines and enhance the intimacy felt by their patrons. This criterion extends to the view of televised sports programming.

League guidelines typically recommend locations for television cameras. These guidelines often place the camera in prime seating areas such as club seats.

For these facility operators, Camera SportSeat offers SEATED camera platform systems. Seating the camera operator significantly reduces the sight line impairments for seats located behind the camera location.

The Camera SportSeat is currently in use at numerous sport venues with each application analyzed and customized for the specific facility. Click here to see a full list of locations.

  • Standing camera operators and their cameras often block the sight line of many fans, causing them to be unable to properly see the action.
  • Blocked sight lines cause seat kill, which means that the venue operator cannot sell the seat or may have to sell it at a much reduced price.
  • Camera SportSeat's low profile often removes any objection to being seated behind the cameras, recovering revenue lost with standing camera operators.